Revive and Thrive with Personalized Self-Care.

A wonderful self-care retreat experience for anyone pursuing a life with greater harmony, balance, and confidence.

Have you neglected valuable self-care practices even though you know they’re critical for your well-being?
Maybe you never seem to have the time for it, or feel ashamed when you try, or you can’t find a self-care practice that really fits you.
Or maybe, you’ve never really experienced a steady self-care practice and sometimes wonder what your world might feel like if you did.


Well, you’re not alone, because millions of Americans feel the way you do.  

They try to care for themselves but don’t sustain it, or they can’t find the time for it, or they feel they’re abandoning other, important responsibilities when they try.  Sometimes others around them blame them for it, or even tease them about it.  It makes the notion of regular self-care sometimes seem impossible.

It truly does NOT need to be this way.  

  • Personalized, intentional self-care can actually unleash your greatest potential!
  • It can balance, revive, and strengthen you.
  • It can harmonize your self-image and your relationships, restore fulfillment in your work, and even help you live longer and happier.

…and best of all…it can truly become a steady, sustainable practice in your everyday life.

The trick is, to create a personalized plan for self-care that perfectly fits YOU. 

One that is rooted in your values and beliefs and tailored to fit your lifestyle.

One that makes you feel as proud caring for yourself as you feel when you care for others.

"Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”

Parker Palmer

The Self-Care Renewal Retreat

NOVEMBER 12-13, 2021

 Attend The Self-Care Renewal Retreat for an educational, experiential, and personalized self-care experience built for YOU. 


Revive with a wonderful, immersive, experience providing a deeper approach than most traditional self-care programs to prevent you from sliding back into neglectful patterns and old habits.

It is educational, experiential, and personalized for YOU. 

You'll be guided through awareness and reflective inquiry to develop your own personal, powerful, and sustainable approach to self-care.  You'll deeply explore your five pillars of self-care: mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and vocational, while group and solo activities help you identify and strengthen your self-care assets and your ideal self-care plan.

  • Experience a welcoming, sharing environment with others who are there to learn and grow with you.
  • Feel energized and encouraged as you uncover the greatest threats to your self-care and replace them with a realistic and rewarding practice that works specifically for you.
  • Invest in your future self as you learn to build your own personal, powerful, self-care practice into your lifestyle!





"I was nervous at first because I don't really take care of myself, but I discovered more about myself than I expected and I know I can feel so much better!"


Gain knowledge about your keys to intentional and sustainable self-care.


Perform guided inquiry and activities to discover the roots of your self-care practice.


Develop and establish your own, rewarding and enduring self-care plan.

  • The retreat event begins at 1:00pm on Friday, November 12, in the very comfortable setting of The Retreat House, The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin's private retreat space in Oconomowoc, WI.  (This is not an overnight retreat.)
  • Participate in an afternoon of learning and activities to set your foundation for meaningful self-care, followed by a 'happy hour' reception to further unwind and connect with facilitators and attendees.
  • Saturday begins with an optional continental breakfast at 8:00am and the retreat session at 8:30am, diving deeper through introspective practices and self-care principles. 
  • Enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities with others, and alone, while exploring what influences your own self-care practices.
  • Create your own, guided plan for sustainable self-care rooted in the uniqueness of you.
  • An enjoyable lunch will be provided on Saturday along with some short breaks throughout the day, with your retreat concluding at 4:30pm after a powerful closing ritual.


The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin facilitates the retreat with decades of combined experience, expertise, and compassion while incorporating core values assessments, breath and bodywork, guided inquiry, spirituality, and action planning. 


Imagine the joy of stronger connections with family and friends and an invigorated sense of purpose in your work or vocation.


Give yourself a better chance to manage unwanted life-events and reduce the harmful effects stress has on your health and well-being.


Break your routine with The Self-Care Retreat, and start living life through personalized, healing self-care!


"I’ve attended many programs in my life about wellness and self-care, but Self-Care Renewal was the best I’ve ever attended.  

I highly recommend it."


Here's What You Receive

  • 1.5 days of healing and rewarding retreat experience with three widely experienced facilitators. 
  • Deeply rooted self-care practices, personalized to fit you and your lifestyle.
  • A variety of individual and group activities to help you explore and develop your personal self-care plan.
  • Your personal journal and retreat workbook, complete with a professional self-care resource index.
  • Direct connections with other self-care champions to help you stay motivated and true to yourself.
  • A special gift to keep.
  • Enjoy a 'happy hour' reception after Friday afternoon's session.
  • A tasty continental breakfast and a fresh, healthy lunch option on Saturday. 




Please contact us with any questions you have.  [email protected]